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Record Holder Q+A: Jyoti Amge, Shortest Woman


At the recent launch of Guinness World Records 2013, we had the opportunity to speak to several record holders featured in the new book. We asked them the questions world record fans most wanted to know about, and now here are the answers!

Today's Q+A is with Jyoti Amge, the world's shortest woman, standing just 62.8cm (24.7in) tall. Jyoti has held the title for almost a year now, having received it in December 2011, when she turned 18 and thus became eligible.

Q - Where are you from?

A - Nagpur, India.

Q - What do you do for a living?

A - I'm busy with journalists much of the time! I go to college, and also appear on and host some TV shows, including some Guinness World Records shows. I want to become an actress - but not just in Bollywood films, I want to meet Hollywood stars too. Right now, I'd most like to star alongside Salman Khan, he's my favourite.

Q - How did come to hold your record?

A - Guinness World Records had heard of me when I was a child, and contacted my father. In late 2009 they invited me over to their Japanese office to be measured and verified as the shortest teenager. Then when I turned 18 last year I received the title of shortest woman.

Q - How do you get around, do you need help?

A - I never travel alone, there's always someone with me, usually my sister. I can't walk for very far or very fast and get tired quickly, so she carries me.

Q - Where do you get your clothes from?

A - Clothes for me are very hard to find. Sometimes I can buy child or baby items, but this is not always possible for the fancier clothes I would like to wear. So, I often just give my measurements to a shop and have clothes or jewellery specially made for me.

Q - What was it like growing up being so small? How did things change when you got this Guinness World Records title?

A - When I was younger I was very afraid to go out, to go to school, or to meet new people. But, my parents told me I must face the world. After turning 7 I started getting some attention from the press, which helped my confidence a lot to be recognised in a positive way for my size. Then since getting the record, it has really become an advantage being my size! The biggest change is that now I can travel the world and see things outside of India. I've been to Japan, Italy, and now London!

Q - What sights are you hoping to see while here in London?

A - I'd like to ride on the big wheel, the London Eye. But most of all I want to visit Madame Tussaud's to see the waxworks!



Jyoti with Guinness World Records Community Manager, Dan Barrett

Q - You recently took a position as a political campaigner - what motivated you to do so?

A - I attended an election rally once, and thought that I Too could do something for the people, only bigger, and better. Now I am so well-known, I would like to use my fame for good.

Q - Is it hard for people to see you as an adult, has this been a problem for you?

A - I've definitely found this a problem at times. People treat me like a baby, and touch my hair and face without my permission. It's frustrating and annoys me. And sometimes they don't believe me when I tell them, "Hey, I'm 18, I'm an adult!"

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