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Augmented Reality


This year, the content is literally exploding off the pages thanks to our new Augmented Reality (AR) feature. It’s a FREE app available to anyone with an iPhone/iTouch or Android device. Download the app using the QR code opposite or visit Then, when you see the AR logo in the book, point your device at the page and see records come to life in full 3D animation.

Augmented reality
QR code on mobile


Step 1: Download the App

Using your iOS or Android device, scan the QR code to download the ‘See it 3D’ augmented reality app.

Or visit:

for more information.

Launch the App!


Step 2: Launch the App!

After downloading and installing the app, you should now see the green ‘See it 3D’ app icon in your app drawer.

Simply start the app to begin!

Get Your Book Ready!


Step 3: Get Your Book Ready!

Your device should appear to be in ‘camera’ mode and is now ready to display 3D augmented reality content.

Get out your copy of ‘Guinness World Records 2013’ and turn to one of the pages featuring the ‘See It 3D’ tag.

Bring the records to life!


Step 4: Watch the Book Come Alive!

Point your device at the book and watch the record holder come alive!

You can interact with the record holder by tapping on the screen.

Take a picture!


Step 5: take a picture!

Get in the frame and ask someone close by to take your picture.

Simply tap the camera icon on screen to capture the image.

Share your moment!


Step 6: Share Your Moment!

After your photo has been taken, you will have the choice to share it either by email, Facebook or on Twitter - choose your preference and share with your friends, followers and family!